In the competitive landscape of remote work, setting the right rate for your virtual services is a crucial aspect of freelancing success. For Filipino freelancers or remote workers, negotiating rates can sometimes be a delicate dance, especially when dealing with international clients. However, it’s essential to recognize and assert your value in a way that is both competitive and reflective of your expertise.

Understanding the International Context

When working with clients from different parts of the world, it’s important to contextualize your rates. While $7/hr may seem like a reasonable starting point for those new to the freelance scene, experienced freelancers may consider setting a baseline of at least $10/hr. This not only positions you competitively but also communicates that your skills have matured, and you bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Communicating Your Worth

One common pitfall is the tendency to downplay oneself, attributing lower rates to the perception that it’s a mere pittance for international clients. However, it’s crucial to avoid this mindset and confidently communicate your worth. Many clients are willing to pay higher rates for quality work, and positioning yourself as a skilled professional can lead to more lucrative opportunities.

Setting a Competitive Average

While $22/hr might be the average for white-collar professionals in some regions, it’s essential to align your rates with industry standards, your level of expertise, and the value you provide. Conduct thorough market research to understand the going rates for your specific skills and experience, ensuring that you position yourself competitively without undervaluing your contributions.

Consideration Beyond the Hourly Rate

Negotiating rates isn’t just about the hourly figure; it’s also about the overall value you bring to the client. Factor in other benefits you can provide, such as quick turnaround times, quality deliverables, and a strong work ethic. Highlighting these additional contributions can justify your rate and make clients more receptive to the value you bring.

Confidence is Key

Approach rate negotiations with confidence. Showcase your portfolio, highlight your achievements, and be prepared to articulate why your rates align with the quality of your work. Confidence not only instills trust in your clients but also positions you as a professional who knows their value in the freelancing market.


Negotiating rates as a Filipino freelancer for virtual work requires a delicate balance between understanding international expectations and confidently asserting your value. By strategically setting competitive rates, communicating your worth, and showcasing your expertise, you can navigate negotiations successfully and build a thriving freelancing career. Remember, your rates should reflect not just the currency exchange but the true value of your skills and contributions.

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